Growing information store on exchange


I had an Exchange 2003 running on SBS2003 and everything was working fine until the day we had to migrate into a new server. The Exchange migration was done using the Exchange migration wizard. At first everything seemed fine but a few days later the Exchange Information Store was sent offline because it had reached 16GB. The exchange database (.edb file) windows had grown from 1 wholesale nba jerseys or 2GB to 16GB in a very short amount of time for a company with 10 users.

At this stage I run a defrag on the database and gained 2MB (yes MB not Government GB as you would expect). So I decided to install Exchange SP2 to exchange remove the 16GB limit. After applying Exchange SP2 the database continued to grow at a rate of 1.5MB per minute.


Here is a list of things that I’ve done while trying to fix the problem.

Disable antivirus Used exmerge to export all mailboxes into PST files, delete then recreate the information store(exchange database) then cheap mlb jerseys import the PST using exmerge again.


After a not so extensive jogaram troubleshooting, I was able to cheap mlb jerseys find the problem; which was caused by a single outlook client. My tip was that the database wasn’t growing during lunch time, you have to trust users to close their outlook during lunch time but leave it running during the night, as at this stage I was monitoring the users connected to the exchange server, mail queues, individual mailboxes size and exchange database size. Senior With this information I went around all the workstations of users that did disconnect during lunch time and reinstalled the Outlook client. After this the exchange database stopped growing and using exmerge to export and import the mailboxes the information store was back to it 2GB wholesale nba jerseys size.

You might be thinking, that if I was monitoring the connected users, individual mailbox sizes and the exchange database how could I have missed a user filling its a mailbox and information store. The reason is quite simple: only the exchange database was growing in size, each individual user mailbox was showing a normal size.