vCheck Plugins

These are my plugins for vCheck. If you don’t know what vCheck is then head off to and check the wonderful job done by Alan Renouf; in short vCheck is a series of powershell scripts that allow you to generate daily reports.

I’m currently developing plugins for:

Using vCheck

Download the desired vCheck script and unzip it to a folder on the local harddisk (Powershell doesn’t like to run scripts from UNC paths), then change to location where the files were extracted and simply run .\vCheck.ps1 this should start the configuration wizard and then run the report.

Running the script as a scheduled task

Once you’re confident with the settings on the report the next step will be to have Windows to execute the script daily so each morning you have it ready on your mailbox. I won’t go through the whole process of configuring Windows Task Scheduler to setup a task; assuming that vCheck.ps1 is on C:\vCheck\. On the Program/script box enter the path to the powershell executable file %SystemRoot%\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe should do the trick, if not you will need to find it on your system; next on the Add arguments box enter the following -command “& ‘C:\vCheck\vCheck.ps1’ “, ideally you should set also the Start in with the path where vCheck.ps1 is located in this case C:\vCheck.