XenApp 6 server in wrong worker groups


A XenApp 6 server may ignore a work group after the renaming the worker group


This is caused because the server fails to update the registry key with the worker groups it belongs to.


To verify the list of worker groups a server belongs to check the registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Citrix\IMA\WorkerGroups It contains a list with all the worker groups that the server is member of.


To ensure that the server recognizes the new worker group name; remove the server from the worker group, check the registry used in troubleshooting and wait for the worker group to be removed from the list, note that at this time the old name will be showing in the registry; if the worker group isn’t removed from the registry you can remove it manually.

Once the worker group isn’t present in the registry, add the server back to the worker group list. Wait for a few seconds and check the same registry key again; the correct worker group should be displayed now.

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